Driving on-demand

Earn money driving for Uber, Lyft, Amazon and more

Many people these days are working from home, trying to keep up with climbing expenses, and are looking for easy ways to supplement their income. In fact, even prior to Covid-19 many people preferred top work in the “on-demand lifestyle” as opposed to the typical 9-5 rat race with an angry boss breathing down your neck all day, feeling under utilized and unfulfilled.

Companies like Uber, Lyft are welcome money making opportunities for many people who have vehicles and like driving. Once you sign up with either Uber or Lyft and are approved into their fold, you’ll be able to set your own hours and decide when and where you want to work.

The Uber and Lyft models operate on a revenue sharing model which means that the company will take their cut, and pay you the balance. Plus, unlike other “employers” and I use that term loosely, you get to keep all of your tips.

Besides ridesharing services for people, you can also deliver food for Uber Eats which means you wont have to pickup and drop-off people, but instead you pickup and deliver food.

Uber and Lyft work closely with government officials who are reluctant to allow ad-hoc driver service to their city streets in stark contrast to the lucrative money making cab business that the government monitors. So if you had it with big government, driving for a ride share service can be your way of sticking it to the man.

Drivers have certain requirements such as a valid drivers license, a 4 door vehicle, and a certain amount of driving experience but there are no real heavy barriers to entry. Basically Sign up, get them the documents they require, download their app and just start up your car get to work!

Amazon also hires on-demand drivers in their Amazon Flex program. Basically all you need to do is use your car or van to deliver packages for Amazon. They claim you can make $18 to $25 per hour and its as simple as reserving a block and making your set deliveries. You can reserve your blocks in advance and only work on days that you want to based on your schedule.

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